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Choosing A Wedding Day Vendor

In the world of weddings, there’s lots & lots of vendors to choose from & many things too think about. Florist, Venues, Catering, etc… but how do you know which one is the best for you?

Questions to ask your wedding venue

1. Is our wedding date available? Obviously you’ll want to start with this one. 😉 This is the question you want to ask right away. If your date is flexible, when sitting down with your venue you’ll want to ask which is available (and don’t forget to coordinate this date with your photog. right away, too!)

2. Are there any other fees not included in the cost? Sometimes these extra costs are written in the fine print and can include a cleaning fee, overtime charge, or gratuity. Make sure you get all of the costs and explanations before signing anything.

3. Do I need to use your vendors? Many wedding venues partner with vendors such as caterers, linens, etc. so you’ll want to look into that before even meeting with the vendor and if you’re not necessarily interested in their specific partners, make sure to ask this question. 

4. (If outdoor venue) — What are your weather policies? Is there a backup location if it rains?  Outdoor weddings are seriously the best, but don’t forget to check into a backup plan! Most venues will have some type of indoor space, but don’t forget to ask if it’ll be large enough for all of your guests. 

Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer

  1. Ask your wedding photographer, do you have multiple cameras or a backup camera? Why is this a good question? What if there was some sort of accident and the Photographers camera fell off a table and was damaged? Does your Photographer have a backup? Colton Daffern has 3 cameras readily available on your wedding day, along with his 2nd shooter – a total of 4 cameras on your wedding day!
  2. Do you have a portfolio of entire wedding shoots for us to look through? It’s important your wedding photographer can provide you a service that matches your taste & style. Ask to look at an entire wedding day gallery.
  3. Will you be the primary photographer shooting the wedding, and will you bring an assistant with you? Two photographers are included in every Colton Daffern Photography wedding collection. While the ladies are getting ready, the assistant can be photographing the guys. My assistant also gets all of the details. So yes!! I will have an assistant on your wedding day.
  4. How long after our wedding can we expect to see a final gallery? I always suggest waiting 6-8 weeks for your final gallery, expect to see a sneak peek within 2-3 weeks of your wedding day.

Questions to ask when buying your bridal gown

  1. How many guests can I bring with me?  The shop you may be visiting might ask you this question before you can ask them. Keep in mind, some smaller boutiques may only allow a few people to come with you due to space. 
  2. Do you provide alterations?  Some bridal salons do, some don’t. The ones that do not, typically will direct you to someone many of their brides work with. Ask about alteration pricing if they do provide them at the store you are shopping at. 
  3. How much time do I have for my consultation? You’ll likely need at LEAST one hour. Most shops will do 60 or 90 minute appointments. 

Questions to Ask Your Caterer

  1. What food choices would you recommend given my budget and guest list? You know your budget, they know the food and pricing. Ask for recommendations and you shall receive.
  2. How many weddings will you cater on my wedding day? Depending on the time of your wedding, this could happen. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, make sure to ask to ensure your date is completely open. 
  3. Is the champagne toast after the ceremony  included in your meal packages or is it extra? Some caterers will include this in your package, but you’ll want to inquire if this is something you are interested in. 
  4. How long will alcohol be served? Your caterer may only serve until a certain time. Make sure this coordinates with your venue. 

Questions to Ask Your Hair and Makeup Artist

  1. Will you do a trial run with me before my wedding day? This is something you’ll definitely want to schedule. A trial run will ensure you feel comfortable working with your artist, and that they can achieve the look you have in mind. 
  2. Do you want to see my inspiration photos and photos of my dress? I almost would even just recommend showing them these things instead of asking beforehand. This way they can get a feel for your style ahead of time. 
  3. Should I bring my veil and accessories to the trial? If you’re wearing something in your hair, you might want to consider this and your hair stylist may appreciate it. Plus, then she can show you how to put it in and remove it easily. 

Questions to Ask Your Officiant

  1. Are you flexible? You might want a specific reading during the ceremony, or to leave out a certain part. Asking about this flexibility will ensure your officiant is the right fit for you.
  2.  How often will we meet? Depending on your setting, you may have to meet more than you think, so make sure to get all these dates scheduled out as soon as possible so you don’t run into any scheduling conflicts. 
  3. Can you give us the wedding we want? You’ll want to get an idea of what the flow of your ceremony will be. 

I hope I was able to give you an idea of what questions you should be asking when looking for wedding day vendors!

When you become a client of Colton Daffern Photography, i’m happy to share my experiences & recommend vendors that provide a cohesive wedding day.

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