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10 of the most forgotten items you’ll need for your dorm room: let’s discuss!

GRADS! Ive made a list of all of the things you may have forgotten about for your big college move next month (& i’ve got the amazon links ready just for you!). Class of 2023, go ahead and save it too, since your big moving day will be here before you know it!!

1. First Aid Kit: for the little emergencies –

2. Extra Batteries: for remotes, fans, speakers, etc. –

3. Umbrella: for those rainy treks across campus –

4. Water Filter: so dorm water can taste like home water –

5. Small Safe: to keep your wallet, extra cash, and valuables in –

6. Sleep Mask: for your sanity with a night owl roommate –

7. Diffuser: for “that” dorm smell when you can’t use candles –

8. Full Length Mirror: for that final check out the door –

9. Thermometer: so you know when it’s time to call the doc –

10. Tool Kit: for those random fixes –

Have we forgotten anything? Moms of recent grads and college bound friends, comment below with anything we’ve forgotten on the list

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