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Senior Guy Mom’s, Save This BLOG!!

Here’s 3 quick tips for putting your son’s outfits together for his senior pictures:

1. Don’t shy away from color. If all of your outfits are khaki and white, it’s time to switch it up. Throw in some olive green, or sky blue (depending on your color tones) for a more eye catching outfit that will add a ton of interest to your session.

2. Layers are ALWAYS in style. If you are bringing an outfit that you can throw a jacket or sweater over, that will be a winning combination. Layers add an attractive dynamic to your outfits that can make them so much more interesting.

3. Stay away from graphics, logos, and busy prints. I know that your fave t-shirt may have a funny graphic or words on it, but your senior portrait session is NOT the time to wear it. Solid colors and graphic-less pieces can make you look more refined and classic.

And this advice is just the beginning when it comes to the tips and tricks we give our senior guy clients! Every CDP client will receive a link to our client portal with all the details for your senior session. I have a very limited amount of dates left so contact me ASAP to book your portrait session.

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