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The Picture Game | Wedding Reception Photo Game – Get a picture with every wedding guest!

Wedding reception activities are currently in vogue, offering a diverse range of options such as the Shoe Game, Wedding Mad Libs, Demonstrate a Kiss, and more. These activities not only provide entertainment but also create memorable moments for fantastic photographs. The Table Dash is a unique addition to the world of wedding games, adding a photographic twist. The end result? The newlyweds get to capture a photo with each of their wedding guests.

The Objective: The challenge is to visit every guest table and snap a photo within the timeframe of two typical songs (though, for larger gatherings, extending it to three songs may be more suitable).

Tips for a Successful Table Dash:

  1. Plan with Your DJ or Emcee: It’s crucial to collaborate with your DJ or emcee in advance. They can make necessary announcements and ensure that your guests are informed and ready to participate. Clear and audible communication is essential, as guests must understand the rules to engage enthusiastically.
  2. Timing Matters: The ideal moment to initiate the Table Dash is right after the Grand Entrance. At this point, tables are neat and unoccupied, guests are settled, and you won’t disrupt their dining experience. This guarantees maximum participation.
  3. Strategize Table Visits: Your photographer should have a well-thought-out plan for the order in which tables will be visited. In some cases, having an assistant or second shooter can be beneficial. They can prepare the next table for photography, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. The first few tables can serve as examples, setting the tone for the rest of the event.
  4. Add Fun Elements: While smiling photos are wonderful, consider injecting some fun into the activity. You can turn it into a friendly competition – who can strike the most creative pose or come up with the best-themed photo? Encourage lighthearted participation, and watch the joy unfold. You might even see how many times your mom can sneak into photos at various tables!
  5. Don’t Overlook the Head Table: Ensure that the head table is included in the Table Dash, but save it for the last stop. This way, you’ll be present when dinner commences, ensuring a seamless transition.

With the Table Dash, you’ll not only create lasting memories but also capture the essence of your special day through photographs that include every cherished guest. 😉 Below are photos from Carrie and Mason’s Song Dash.

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